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What is T-Shirt Time? T-Shirt Time is a term used by the cast of "MTV's Jersey Shore" or MVP: Mike Vinny Pauly. T-Shirt Time is when you're sitting in the living room in your white beater or any colored tank top before actually putting on your shirt. In other words... "It's the shirt before the shirt." "You know what time it is, it's t shirt time."

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You know what time it is, it's t shirt time.


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Mens T-Shirts.

Mens T shirts! Men and women all love T shirts but mens T shirts are the best selling. Why is that? Fashion dictates that women have more styles to wear then men, who only have the shirt, vest and T shirt. Ruling out the vest immediately on aesthetic grounds we are left with the man t shirt and the shirt. Whilst the shirt can be a thing of beauty, it is more formal and reuires greater TLC. A mans T shirt can be thrown on and washed with ease. They are cheaper and more fun. When analysed it becomes clear why the man T shirt is the upper body wear of choice for men around the world.

Without the man T shirt life would be much more boring. Mens T shirts have led the way on sloganeering and design and there is now not much that you cannot get on a man T shirt. Hurrah! The man T shirt is both the political weapon of choice for activists AND the most popular outer garment for men! How did one item - the T shirt - reach such levels of popularity? The answer lies in its excessive comfort and blank front, which allows plenty of space for the man T shirt to display and inspire generations of people all over the globe.

extract from 'I love T shirts' by Jonathan Powell


The humble T-Shirt has come a long way, from being an unseen undergarment to being a political statement, a work of art, an advertising billboard, something to make you laugh, a fashion statement and even just something comfy to wear. Over the past 50 years, the t-shirt has become a vehicle to broadcast our beliefs, our taste in music, our sense of humor, our preferences in beverages or athletic teams. T-shirts serve as a personal billboard, a place for us to promote our beliefs dreams and way of life, and a way for a teams to express their group pride. More than any other article of clothing, t-shirts have become a means of personal expression and comfort. We'll bet that if you open your dresser right now, you'll find a beloved stack of t-shirts that are custom-printed, well worn, and uniquely yours. What will you put on your next favorite t-shirt?

Story has it that the t-shirt first saw the light of day on dockworkers and naval officers in the early 1900s, surely a shocking sight. The t-shirt's acceptance was slow but steady, but by 1955, when James Dean wore a plain white tee under a leather jacket in Rebel Without a Cause, Americans were hooked. In the 1960s, an entire social movement co-opted the centuries old art of tie-dying, creating a uniform for the Free Love generation. Custom-printed t-shirts became easily available, giving major companies like Coca-Cola and rock bands like the Rolling Stones an impact on fashion that was once never possible.